Bestforex broker for 2015

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Bestforex broker for 2015

Post by FivestarsforexLtd on Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:57 pm

Bestforex broker for 2015 - Most trusted and secure broker

In this year 2015 a forex broker comparison was made to find the best forex brokers for 2015 that offers traders high levels of leverage. Leverage is a must for currency traders amplifying relatively small currency movement. This leads to greater gains or losses for forex traders.

Trade the global FX markets with 5Stars forex and take full advantage of their award-winning international expertise, proprietary ECN technology and competitive spreads.

5Starsforex is recommended for FX Brokers Looking for High Leverage

· Offers the highest leverage of mainstream brokers at 500:1

· Providers traders with some of the lowest spreads/fees of any other broker

· Has the fastest execution speeds

· Provides the option of the most popular forex platforms

· Offers strong customer service

An example of what 500:1 means is that for every dollar that you trade you can trade an equivalent of $500. This means that for a $100 trade you could trade $50,000 worth of currency so a currency movement of 0.1% would lead to a $50 profit (which in this case would be a 50% profit). Leverage magnifies gains but also the risk profile of trading so it’s best to request the right level for you.

5Stars forex offers some of the Lowest Spreads

There are three accounts offered by 5Stars forex the standard account for more beginner/intermediate brokers has no commission on traders and spreads starting from 0.5 pips. The other two accounts are the most popular with advanced traders as they offer some of the lowest pips in 2015 with an associated low commission rate.

Best bonus program- 50% rescue withdraw bonus

A 50% of the amount deposited by the client will be given to the client in the form of real money in the event the client losses all his/her funds in total, the 50% bonus after given cannot be withdrawn by the client only profits generated from the bonus will be available for withdraw.

5Stars forex offerstheMost Popular trading Platform

The Meta trader 4 is the most popular platform worldwide due to a user friendly interface, advanced graphing tools and the ability to execute advanced trading strategies. MetaTrader4 is considered the most complete Investment platform in the Forex Market because of its large number of tools for technical analysis which help investors develop the most sophisticated trading strategies

5Stars forex provide 24 hours Customer Service in 5 day

5Stars forex offers outstanding customer service for all the forex traders. The team who provide support have strong currency trading experience and are all traders themselves (a unique feature in the industry). Support is 24 hours during weekdays when currency markets are open.

Excellent education section

There is also an excellent education section for those new to currency trading to those looking for more advanced strategies or the latest currency market news.

Why people choose5StarsForex?

In today’s world we are faced with many choices and choosing a Forex broker is no different. We’ve been in the retail Forex business longer than most and we understand that individual traders have different needs and wants. That’s why we continue to evolve to ensure you can trade with 5starsforex in a safe, informed and supported environment.

· Online community

· Easy to start trading

· Personal Service

· Easy choice for every trader

· Transparent cost

· Forex specialists

· Continual growth with Five Stars Forex Ltd

· Security of funds

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