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Post by FivestarsforexLtd on Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:59 am

There are both benefits and pitfalls of trading with variable spreads. Some companies quote a headline “from a minimum of...” which at first glance may seem like a good deal.

However it is worth comparing this minimum spread against their average spread; the average will in all likelihood give a truer indication of the spread you will see when you come to trade. This is because variable spreads will widen and fluctuate throughout the course of the trading day.

We also know that our clients are only interested in the spread at the time that they make their trade; an average for the day is often irrelevant. So we give you fixed spreads, all day, every day.

Depending on your trading strategy, variable spreads may suit you in quieter market times whereas fixed spreads may be much more advantageous during volatile market conditions.

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